Here are some unsolicited testimonials from satisfied and excited owners of "Calibration Handicapping." And now "Calibration Handicapping - The Next Level."

Dear Jim,

I have to write you to tell you how ecstatic I am over receiving your book.

After downloading the addendum for internal fractions and seeing it work, Iknew I had to buy your book.I got it on Saturday and was almost through the whole thing by the end of the night. I put it into action on Sunday, and had the winner and exacta in the first race at Saratoga. I picked the double too but didn't play it as this is still new to me and I am unsure of myselfstill.

I did the first 2 races today (Monday 8/3/09) at Saratoga and nailed the winnerand exacta in the first and picked the triple but didn't play it. I had the double this time but neglected to play that exacta in the second race.

$151.00 exactas aren't too common. I had a good day none the less. I redscanned the pick six races and just from that alone would have cashed 3 moreexactas.I watched my dad devote a good part of his life trying to beat the ponies.

Your book is without a doubt the real deal. Don't consider me a satisfiedcustomer, consider me a disciple. I have never seen anything work like this.

Thank you for sharing this. At $49.00 it is a bargain and has already paidfor itself in 2 days. Clear skies and fast tracks to you as well my friend.

Thanks again, Bob A.



Matthew W. here.

I had ordered your book about two weeks ago. Thanks again for the quick shipping.

I wanted to tell you that the day I received your book, I read the whole thing. Since then, I have been looking at races in a whole new light. I have had some nice winners with your "Red-Scan Qualifying Technique".

Today, I hit a winner today for $37.40! Not to mention the first day I got your book, when I had a winner for $23.20!

Your book gives me a totally new perspective on pace.

Thanks again!


Matthew W.

Hi Jim, (4/15/07)

Well it’s starting to feel like spring out here in Michigan. It’s been a long winter.

I am happy to report more success with Calibration Handicapping.

The first month or so I was only concentrating on the California racetracks. I felt familiar with the courses and trainers, etc. but as I got more comfortable with figuring FF and red scanning the PP's I quickly realized I could use this approach coast to coast, and since then have had winners all over from Aqueduct to Turf Paradise, from Woodbine to Gulfstream - and so on.

Thanks again for sharing your approach with me


Hi Jim,

I hope all is well with you you.

Do you remember the "exotic subscriber from Germany?"

Here am I, Gerald.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to you.

Last weekend (2/10/2007) I cashed on the "Magna 5" by picking the winners from 5 races at 4 tracks in the U.S.

This paid me over $63,189 for just a $64 bet.

I picked the winners using the ideas from your book "Calibration Handicapping - The Next Level!"

May I say: the Red Scan qualifying technique and your FF-Calculations (raw/actual final fractions) changed my life!

Thank you very much for your excellent book.

Regards from Germany,



Thanks for your quick response and your attention to detail. I've been in the game about 35+ years, and liked what I read on-line in your reviews; I already have picked up on a couple of things which I had not been up to par on (no pun intended).

I haven’t even received your book yet, but I tested your internal fractions (from the free addendum on your website) on the 8th race at Monmouth Thursday 11 Aug. 05.

Now this is before I received your book.

They picked out the 1-5-6.

The 1 won at $4.80, the 5 placed ($13.40), #6 showed at $11.40 with the ex. paying $71.40 and the tri. $315.40.

And this was using fractions only, without the book.

I can hardy wait to see how I do with it, and do hope I get your book soon.


Jim you can use this letter as a testimonial if you care to.


Just wanted to drop you a note to say that your book "Calibration Handicapping" continues to give me an advantage when I play the horses.

The most recent example was on Saturday, May 7, '05 at Churchill Downs. In the first race Capability exhibited what I thought was a speed/fade pattern in his first start off a layoff. He was completely dismissed by the public at 17-1 and payed $33.60, $14.60 and $8.60. In the next race the lone speed and favorite, Wildcat Shoes, went gate to wire and completed a $119.60 daily double.

The more I look at races and go through past performances I see the patterns that were displayed in your book.

Thanks again and best of luck in the future.

Mike C.


I received your book today & have read it twice.I'll probably read it 10 more times.

The red scan is great. If a person has the will power to only bet using the red scan at the right odds they could do very well. Great part of the book.

The book is worth its weight in gold for the red scan alone.

Do you feel one should combine the red scan with the other moves in a race?

I am sure you feel that's what to do because you wrote a whole chapter on it, but in going over some past DRF the red scan seems to really stand out alone at some of the lower line tracks as Mtr., Cby., Evangeline & Ct.

Please note I have only gone over maybe 10 past Daily Racing Forms, but the pattern seems to really be the red scan. Or am I making more out of it because I have seen some monster prices in 10 racing forms?



Hi Jim,

Had a great Saturday at Calder on 5/24/03.

Race #2 #4 Blake The Snake - Won at $24.20 and $9.40, a Profile Play.

Race #3 #1 Roar on Tour - Won at $22.00 and $8.60, a Red Scan play.

Also had the exacta on your race #2 at Belmont $37.80.



Hey Jim,

Just wanted to say thanks for helping to improve my handicapping these last few years.

I didn't play the 2003 Derby as I was alive with the Pick 4 and nailedit when Funny Cide, the horse you told all ofyour subscribers to bet to win, won the Roses.

The key was the 9th race in which I liked the numbered horses 5 and 9, with the 9 going off at 24-1. He won the third leg and I knew I was going to have an excellent shot as I had your top 3 selections, Funny Cide,Empire Maker and Ten Most Wanted in the fourth leg, so I sat back andwatched without betting another dime.

Probably that was a mistake but I knew I had a winner if we were right in our opinions of the Derby.

The methods I used to uncover the third leg winner are directly attributable to Calibration Handicapping...he had an 11.3 second final eighth in previous, stepped up to G1 company and nobody paid attention.

Seeing the potential for the upset there gave me the green light to play the Pick 4 and the rest is history, a $14,035 payoff!!!

Thanks again!

Your friend,

Matt F.


The book has opened my eyes and allowed meto get to another level of handicapping.I have used it, and yesterday had some success. I am experimenting and analyzingthe data, and it did give me two longshots.It was great.

Thanks again,



Received " The Next Level " yesterday (7/1/02) and read the first 30 pages, then got to do a few chores, never getting back to the book.

Then this morning I printed the first 5 races at Delaware on my computer, just to play around with your red-scan qualifying approach.

Came the 5th race, there were five contenders with the red scan moves, this was after scratches, four remained after eliminations.

My top three selections were as follows, #1,2,4. Well you can check this out, but the results were #2 winning at a mutual of $82.40, running 2nd was #4, and 3rd was #3 who happened to be the 4th horse as a red-scan pick.

The exacta payout was a short $367, and the tri paid $2102. How's that for someone who only read 30 pages.

Well, thought you'd like to hear this.

Keep it up,

Joe L.

Hi Jim,

I have now read your new edition of "Calibration Handicapping - The Next Level", and to say that it is an improvement would be an understatement. The organization and logicof this book is far superior.

I think it was a good idea to put the red-scanmaterial up front, since this is an excellentway to begin marking up the Form and relatesto at least some of the "moves" that aredescribed later. The red-scan material is really breakthrough stuff and belongs in a prominent place.

The other major improvement is the emphasison edge and value. Although these conceptswere mentioned in the previous version, theydid not get the major role they deserve. Theoutline on page 101 is excellent...maybe itshould be foreshadowed even earlier in the text.

Great job!

Best Regards,


Hello Jim,

As recently as Saturday I had a winner usingyour advice. Van Minister in the 7th at Belmont (6/15/02) for $28.20 (T/M play). Thebook has more than paid for itself.


Donald C.

Hi Jim,

I just bought your book, which will probablybe the last one that I'll ever need on handicapping.

I've wanted to change over from being a realestate broker to a successful handicapper. So for the last 3 years I've gone throughmany books, but yours seems to be superiorby far.

I'm studying your book from cover to cover,and every page is extremely informative. Yourhandicapping insights border on genius and I'm very fortunate to have discovered your book.

Bill M.

Hi Jim,

Just finished reading "The New Level" andI'm impressed. This edition is precise andto the point. It's not a system, but givesthe reader a systematic framework with whichto handicap. The section on odds lines isgreat.

Another good feature, I think, is that manyof the handicapping techniques presented canbe used successfully by themselves, dependingon the thinking of the individual player.

I know guys who are simulcasting fanatics, andfor those players, the Red-Scan would, I believe, significantly improve their bottomline. Or maybe a spot player would choose toplay only SRE horses. I'm sure that wouldprobably be a profitable venture.

I wish you the best of luck with this new edition,and I'll certainly be recommending it to family and close friends.

Rich in Boston

Hi Jim,

I have been studying your book with great intensity and went to Las Vegas for the 4-dayLabor Day holiday, 2001. This was the first realtry with the Calibration Handicapping philosophyand money on the line.

I missed a few on the first day. Still tryingto get comfortable with everything, but I justwanted to report a $2,500 profit on the horsesfor the 3 days. Should have been more if I would have just gone with what the programuncovers. Would have been well over $7,600.Will do better next time. Thanks for sharingthe special plays you have. It is very rewarding.

Happy Regards,

Jack F.


After reading your book this spring,I handicapped a race at Delaware Park usingyour methods. I am happy to say that I hita $4,200 trifecta, the first time I ever hadto fill out a 1099. If I had noticed therewas a superfecta wager, I would have been theonly winner as I had all of the horses pickedand in the right order. The superfecta poolon that race was over $40,000! Wish I hadnoticed the wagers available, but I do not play many superfectas.

Spence J.Philadelphia, PA

Dear Jim,

I have been playing the horses since I was a teenager. All my life I have been searching for a system. I have spent thousands in doing so.

I want to tell you that this is the first methodology that really works. It is unbelievable to me how logical it is and how seamlessly it calibrates everything to come upwith a stream of value plays.

I will never bother paying good money for any other "system". My days of searching for a good sound handicapping approach are over thanks to your book, "Calibration Handicapping."


Richard N.

Hi Jim,

Your service is excellent; I received the book on Monday. I found the way your book was presented and all the new material makes this book outstanding. I have not written to a handicapping author since the early seventies when I wrote to Ray Taulbot, author of Positive FactorHandicapping, a method I still use in a modified way.

And from then until now, I must have purchased a hundred books, systems, methods, computer programs, audio and vidio tapes, and none have impressed me as much as "Calibration Handicapping."


Sheldon W

Here's an article that was printed in the December '99 issue of Phillips Racing Newsletter:

In keeping with the ongoing discussion of the policies of sellers of handicapping systems, books and computer programs, I came across a site that is like a breath of fresh air. The picks and handicapping information are excellent.

The website, http://www.free-horseracing-info.com features the author's latest book "Calibration Handicapping" by Jim Lehane, the BEST book I have read in years. I ordered the book on Friday and received it on Monday.

The most refreshing part is his money-back guarantee. No song and dance, no restocking fees, no off-the-wall charges for shipping and handling. RPM is getting six bucks just for shipping. There is no requirement to show workouts, so you do not have to send a ton of paper and results charts.

Hello Jim,

I was impressed with how quickly I received your book after ordering it. All I can say about Calibration Handicapping is WOW! I found out I didn't know too much about handicapping the horses, at least not the right way.

Through your book I now can find the value plays you talk about and read between the lines. I used to see longshot payoffs and wonder how those horses could possibly have won. Now I know. And to prove your theories are on the money, you give out longhot winner after longhot winner for free on yourwebsite. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work.

Joe P.


Thursday I received your book. I used it Sunday at Philadelphia Park and as you might imagine it already paid for itself 5 times over! If I followed your betting pattern in the book it could have been much more. But I was skeptical combined with being conservative.

You can be sure both are gone now. At the track it was so simple to throw out horses. I narrowed it down to three horses, boxed them and hit on 4 of 6 exactas for nice payouts over your 24 dollar minimum.

In one race, the top horse listed by the program handicapper was the first I THREW OUT. I hit that exacta for $35.00. As I was handicapping that race I was thinking, why would he pick that horse!!! As you can see, I'm rambling, but I am extremely excited so I will just thank you and go to work already.

Richard F.


I'm impressed; been playing the ponies for about 39 years.



"Had a nice score at Sam Houston Saturday night. It was a Profile/Wide Out play and paid $27.60 to win. It was never in doubt as he went wire to wire from the 1 hole. I liked this horse a lot because it fit what you were talking about to a tee in your book "Calibration Handicapping".

Thanks a lot. Had the brother-in-law thinking I was a genius."

Thanks again,

Joe B.

Hi Jim,

Thought I would drop you a line and let you know how I did today. I have a simulcast of Colonial Downs 30 minutes travel time from my house. I played Belmont race #9. Your top horse winner paid $12.60 win and $7.50 to place.

I had a $1.00 exacta key 9/all that cost me $11.00 and returned $171.00. I found a strong SRE play at Delaware race #4 horse 6 that ran 2nd paying $12.80 to place.

I found a Wide Out/Profile combo at Monmouth race #3 horse 1 that paid $6.60 win and $3.20 place and I had several other plays that did not pan out.

I read your book and enjoyed it very much! I always am looking for new concepts that work!



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