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The delivery date for these monthly newsletters is the first Saturday of the month, but due to the time I have needed to spend on the August 3rd release of our new upgraded C.H. Data Report, please excuse me for being 3 days late.

This month’s subject is what I call the C.H. Best Play, and that is quite simply a horse that possesses both early and late superiority in today's match up.

If we have stats that say a horse should have the lead at the pace call (or close to it) of its current outing while at the same time having recorded the best last out come home time, a.k.a. final fraction, then it follows logically that as long as it is in current good form it is the best win contender we can come up with.

The question is how do we recognize the C.H.Best Play?

C.H. obviously is an abbreviation for Calibration Handicapping, which is my approach to making money on the thoroughbreds, and to read a summarization of how I recommend going about that in "Calibration Handicapping - The Next Level", please click here.

Last month I discussed how to evaluate early speed horses.

The C.H.Best Play as I say is simply a horse that projects to have the lead by the time it reaches the pace call in today’s race and is expected to close strongly for the win because of having recorded the best last-out final fraction in its current match up.

While there may not be an overabundance of these best bet plays, there is not likely to be a higher percentage win bet (or key in exotics wagers) in existence.

Logically if a horse has the lead at the pace call (4F in sprints and 6F point in most routes) while possessing the best last-out final fraction, it should win the race in its current match up.

First I’ll review a race that included a C.H. Best Play in the field, and then I’ll show you just how easy it can be to unearth this high percentage play.

The race in question was the 2nd at Belmont Park on July 21, 2004, a maiden claimer with 7 fillies and mares 3 years old and upward going a mile and a sixteenth.

You can view and/or print the p.p.'s for this race by clicking here.

And the results chart is here.

The 5-2 winner as it turns out was making her 11th career start, which should dispel the notion that a horse with that many (10) unsuccessful starts without a win if considered a contender should not be thought to have much of a chance to graduate, but rather should be used "underneath" in exacta and/or trifecta wagering.

There’s an old adage that occasionally proves to be right, "the horse doesn’t know he’s not supposed to win."

In this case the winner and C.H. Best Play did not know she had 10 losses with no wins on her ledger.

This C.H. Best Play cruised to a pretty easy tally.

Here was the field in post position order followed by the usual: running style label, last-out Beyer speed figure, last-out raw/actual final fractions, and any C.H. "moves-within-a-race."

1. Santaslittlehelper S 48 26.4/27.1 ---

2. Valkyrie E -- 26.2/--- --- Eased; prior 34 26.2/27.4

3. Krafty Kaper EP 52 25.3/26.3 W.O. play

4. Unpleasantsandy P 36 26.4/28.0 ---

5. Appelative P 45 26.4/28.4 W.O. play

6. Cove Creek E 51 26.4/27.1 ---

7. Gershowitz P 22 26.2/28.4

As you can see, there were 3 horses in this match up with early speed running styles, 2 E runners and 1 labeled EP.

Let's review the p.p.'s for each of the entries in this field.

1. Santaslittlehelper - was an S runner breaking from the rail, and without having shown any signs of next-out readiness in her only 2 career races she was not a contender.

2. Valkyrie - with a running style label of E it could be expected that she may be gunned from her 2-slot to try to secure a lead on her early speed counterparts. About the only point of significance for her was the fact that she was dropping from two career outings at the maiden special weight level.

But the gap of 6 months between races along with her stopping and being eased in the stretch in her last outing 16 days earlier did not bode well for her chances of clearing this field and lasting for a part.

3. Krafty Kaper - the C.H. Best Play was exiting a smooth speed/fade effort from only 6 days earlier (an indication of confidence on the part of her trainer to run her back so soon) when running as a Wide Out play.

She not only (as per our new C.H. Data Report) was expected to have the lead at the pace call, but she displayed both the best last out raw final fraction and actual final fraction as well.

As an in-form C.H. Best Play, Krafty Kaper was the key to wager construction.

4. Unpleasantsandy - there were no clues in her 2 lifetime races, one sprint and one route, that would lead us to believe she could land a top 3 finish against the group she was facing here.

5. Appelative - she had only one career start, and it was a speed/fade type try with the Equibase comment of "4-wide", which made her one of the "moves-within-a-race" that I describe in my book called a Wide Out play.

As such and considering the form of many of her opponents in this match up, she could be given a shot to be an on the board contender here.

6. Cove Creek - as the 2nd ranked speed-to-the-pace call horse who was going first time lasix and without blinkers for the first time in her 4-race career, she could certainly have been considered as an in the money contender in this spot, and the public agreed by making her the 7-5 favorite.

7. Gershowitz - in her only 2 starts she raced greenly and 3-wide and then was bumped at the start 40 days before this try in a speed/fade type effort when equipped with blinkers.

With the addition of lasix for her return and the blinkers experiment canned by removing them she could have been considered for a minor part.

The only way I would use 4 horses in a 7-horse field is if there was a key horse; one I would use in the win wager as well as in the win slot in most of my exotic wagers, if there was enough probable value.

I generally play it safe by using such a key horse in the place slot also, but in lesser amounts.

My contender order for this race was:

3. Krafty Caper
5. Appelative
6. Cove Creek
7. Gershowitz

And my wagers were:

Win on #3
Ex.: part-wheel 3/5-6-7 with a smaller part-wheel of 5-6-7/3
Tri.: part-wheel 3/5-6-7/5-6-7 with a smaller part-wheel of 5-6-7/3/5-6-7

The payoffs were:

3. $7.00
3-5 Exacta $36.00
3-5-6 Trifecta $80.00

Now, as promised I'll tell you a real simple way to uncover C.H.Best Plays.

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Until Saturday September 4, 2004, I wish you Fair Skies and Fast Tracks.


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