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The formula for success at horseracing is simple, but not easy. It requires cashing tickets on horses the betting public ignores.

Ever wonder who cashes on those boxcar payoffs? Like this one?A select group of handicappers do because they know how to spot moves horses make on the racetrack that John Q. Public doesn't even know exist.The winner of this example was #4 Romancer. On April 12, 2002, he scored by 3 lengths as my clear cut top choice at a fat win payoff of $58.50.

Hi, my name is Jim Lehane, and thanks for stopping by. I'm here to tell you that whilebeing able to uncover isolated value playsis an absolute necessity, continued successat horseracing requires more, much more. Contender selection is only 1 of 3 areas of handicapping at which one must be proficient in order to succeed at this game.

Here's a unique slant for you, and it happens to be absolutely true. Horseplayers who are successful do not play to win. They play to make money! And the difference between the two is enormous. When we play to make moneywe are performing all of the tasks necessary for continued success.

In the 3rd edition of my book Calibration Handicapping - The Next LevelI discuss in depth each of the 3 conditions for success, which must be met in order to maintain a positive R.O.I. (Return On Investment),

Contender Selection, Valuation and Strategic Action.

Among the 9 race examples you will find in Calibration Handicapping - The Next Levelis the one Romancer won. You will seewhy he was a clear cut top choice $58.50overlay winner that was uncovered within 2 minutes!

Anyone using my latest innovation, the fabulousRed-Scan Qualifying Techniquehad to, within 2 minutes, come up with Romancer as the standout contender!

And the Red-ScanQualifying Technique also tabbed the winning exacta ($454.00)as well as the winning trifecta ($5,047.00)!

If you don't believe me, why not read the book and judge foryourself at my risk? If you still don't believe meafter doing that, send it back, with nostrings attached, as per my iron-clad, 60-day money-backguarantee!

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In horseracing, longshot payoffs like Romancer don't come along every day, but his win illustrates one such bonanza that was predictable, and that leads me to the very important topic of...value.

Horseracing is a speculative venture and if you think about it seriously, there is really very little sense in wagering on the outcome of a race unless the reward justifies the risk.

Ideally, we should wait out the value plays and wager on nothing else. But that's somewhat easier said than done if we set oursights on only 20-1 shots or higher. We must have ways to identify all of the winning value plays that the masses don't consider probable. Including those in the range of $7.00 to $12.00 or more.

That is accomplished by concentrating on factors other than what the betting public zeros in on, such as speed figures.

Speed figures are widely considered to be the most important handicapping factor in all of thoroughbred horseracing. This, in spite of the fact that only around 30% of winners possess the best last-out number.

Horseracing past performance papers like the Daily Racing Form, as well as track programs and computer software handicapping programs all stress their own speed figures and have them front and center as a prime handicapping tool.

While these numbers can be helpful, they do not measure the precise "moves" horses occasionally make on the racetrack, and in reality the top figure horses get beaten by the "move" horses on a regular basis, thus providing value for those in the know.

Believe it or not, some of the most intriguing last-out moves involve losing ground rather than gaining. That in itself almost assures value for such a play.

I've been at this game for 30 years and I'm based in New York, 20 miles north of The Big Apple. Horseracing has been my passion for all this time, and I think you will benefit from some of the insights I've developed concerning handicapping the thorougbreds and making money on the races.

Please look around as there is a lot of information provided on this website that canhelp your bottom line.

I hope you enjoy your visit here, and I inviteyou to return often, as I plan to add more andmore information and articles aimed at benefitting you the horseplayer.

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